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Eastern Mission
Apostolic Lutheran Church of America

May 2024

Godís Peace to you all:

We come into our spring season and begin to see the blossoming of Godís nature. The new buds on the trees, the beauty of the flowers beginning to grow. The farmers that nourish us begin to plant the seeds that a new crop will grow and become our nourishment in the future. We see this newness as the sun rises higher in the day, the warmth surrounds us, and the rains wash away the filth that was left behind from our winter seasons. The old season put away and new season blossoms before us in our lives. We are thankful each day of this newness that springs forth in our lives. God has brought a freshness and hope for his nature, bringing his beauty and new life.

Unless a seed dies and is buried, then nourished, it cannot spring forth into a new plant. This is what Jesus did for us. He told Nicodemus unless you are reborn you will not see the kingdom of heaven. We also see the new birth in the creatures of nature and can rejoice in the new birth of children and grandchildren in our lives. We see that these little ones look to us with full faith and Love, for they know and have this trust that they will be provided for, nourished and kept safe daily. He also reminded us; as he had a child on his lap unless you are like this child you will not see the kingdom of heaven. It is only by Jesus, by the Grace of God we can have this new change in our hearts. We must become new, we die in our old, and are raised up to a new life by Jesus.

We look at this newness and there is so much we can apply to what Jesus did for us on the cross. We know Pastor Don shared about Easter last month. We now can look to this in our lives, every day. Jesus at the cross, shed his blood to wash the filth of our old lives away, that we can be freed from that which held us in these despicable conditions of darkness and sin in oneís life. Now we are washed clean, our soul made white as snow by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Let the Son, Jesus Christ shine the light of Grace and Love into our lives and hearts, in this spring of Life. Let the living waters flow through our lives, cleansing us, making us new into a new Way. Let us each day feed on the nourishment of Godís Holy Word, be still in him and hear his voice.

The resurrection of Jesus did this for us, he arose and brought us in resurrection into a new way, into a new life of salvation and holiness. This new Spring of life we now can walk in, made free and clean, nourished, and quenched. Our lives changed, the door of death and sin shut, and we have opened the door to our hearts for Jesus Christ. He by the Holy Spirit abides in us, and we in him. Abide in me Lord Jesus. His living hope planted into our lives and this flourishes as we are nourished by his Word, as our thirst quenched by the Living water. Oh, how we can rejoice. Through Jesus our lives changed, we no longer are a child of this world, but a Loved and Holy Child of God adopted into his family, by his Grace, by faith through Jesus Christ resurrection.

We look into this world of wickedness and in anything we may face, by faith our promise is Psalms 23. We will have Peace, we will have Comfort, we will be Protected, and abundantly blessed, we will be in the house of the Lord. We look up in thankfulness, for the awe of Godís creations and that which is given for us. We look to Jesus at the Cross and can say Happy Easter, for it is still Easter every day. Jesus still lives, he is still with us always, and never to leave us.

As we look into June, it will be a wonderful time to have fellowship and sharing at our annual convention in Hockinson Washington. If you can attend in person or listen to the services online.

A reminder that the Eastern Mission sponsors a podcast called ďGodís PeaceĒ. It is a discussion on different Biblical and church topics. Another podcast sponsored by Apostolic Lutheran church of America is called ďGodís Word for TodayĒ. It is a daily reading of the weekly texts and prayers. You can find them on any podcast app, the ALC community page and Eastern Mission Facebook page. Both are wonderful to listen to; it is an opportunity to be in the Word.

Godís Grace, Mercy and Peace be with you all.

Jon Salo
Pike, MN

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