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Eastern Mission
Apostolic Lutheran Church of America

July 2022

Hello all and Gods Peace!

We,as the Children of God, have much cause to thank Our Heavenly Father at this time! The Supreme Court of the United States has ended the Federal governments' mandate, that each state must allow the slaughter of innocent children, by overturning the Roe vs. Wade decision! May our Lord be Praised for His faithfulness and Longsuffering! As the Lord has given the commandment " Thou Shalt Not Kill", it has been a horrible grievance, and weighed heavily on the hearts of so many of His children, to see such innocent suffering and life brought to such a terrible end!

As we have prayed for the Lord to have mercy on us, we thank Him for his hand in the picking of these God Fearing Justices and the steadfastness and Resolve they have shown, as their lives have been threatened by Men and Women who have been enslaved by Satan! We pray that our Lord will Bless them and keep them safe, and give strength, resolve and a Godly Zeal to keep His Word and to rightly interpret the Constitution of these United States.

May Gods hand of strength, power and wisdom be with our courageous men and women, especially those who are leaders in government. We pray His hand of conviction on, and that His Word would bring those who do not know Him to repentance and a saving knowledge of Him through Jesus Christ our Lord.

May God be with each of you as we celebrate the Independence Day of this great nation. Remember to thank Him for His Mercies and pray for wisdom and strength to stand firm in each of our lives as we live for Him and proclaim the most important Freedom, that freedom form Sin and Death through Jesus!

Gods Peace,
Tyson Mattila

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