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February 2019

Serving the Lord is an exciting adventure! In my latest adventure in serving Him I was able to be of service for a short time in Kenya. Three out of the last 4 years I have had the privilege of serving the Lord in Kenya for 2-2 ½ weeks.

There is great joy and festiveness in the worship services in Kenya. We could use a little more of that joy in our worship services! The whole service is dedicated to making a joyful noise to the Lord before and after the preaching of the Word and the laying on of hands in personal prayer for those who desire it or have needs.

The Word of he Lord is upheld and cherished. Many “Amens”, “Hallelujahs”, and “Praise the Lords” permeate the hearing of the Word. People have grateful hearts even though their living conditions reflect their lack of finances, poverty, and neediness. They are grateful for the fellowship we have together in the Lord, the smiles and handshakes/hugs given, and the encouragement shared from the Word.

Pastor Timothy Mundia served as our constant companion, guide, and driver. Through his example one could notice the characteristics of a true servant of the Lord. He brought us places, prepared accommodations, gave good advice, and showed great patience during our stay in Kenya. He has become a blessed friend over the years and came to visit our Church about a year ago with his wife, Florence, on a Wednesday evening. He said he was very blessed and encouraged by all of you who were present that night. Pastor Fred is another example of a humble servant shepherding his church and blessing us by his fellowship with all of us as we ministered in his district. He is enjoying having time with his new grandson. We also had a wonderful team of people to partner in ministry with on this trip, 7 of us altogether. Each one was used by the Lord in various ways to be a blessing to others. Greg Greve and Pastor Timothy joined with Pastor Frank Famiyeh to go on to Rwanda and Uganda after the rest of us departed for home.

Trips to the Mission field, besides the blessing of spreading God’s Word directly, help one to be very thankful for all God has done in their lives. We, in this country, have so much while others have so little. Yet we are linked as brothers and sisters in the Lord. We are all sinners in need of God’s saving grace and forgiveness of our sins. We who are trusting in Jesus know that we will be joined by many from all parts of the world in heaven to sing of and proclaim our praise to Jesus! What a fellowship that will be. We have experienced a small part of that when we unite to serve others in different parts of the world.

To God be the glory for great things He has done, and is doing, today!

Shalom2u from Pastor Joel Baker

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