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Greeting of Godís Peace to all,

It is with Thankfulness to God that I have been given this opportunity to serve on the Eastern Mission Board. It is through this that we all can work together to share and spread the Word of God, in our communities and throughout the regions we live in and share. It is a wonderful experience to go abroad and spread the Word and something all should do at least once. It was almost a year ago I was able to spend almost three weeks in Kenya. It is also important that we focus on what we can do at home to bring Godís Glory to those that are in need and seeking. Spreading and sharing the Word of God is not only a individual effort but a combined effort with our local churches and the church as a whole throughout our mission region. In Acts 20/24 we hear what Paul has said about serving the Lord and working to fulfill his Will.

24 But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself, so that I might finish my course with joy, and the ministry, which I have received of the Lord Jesus, to testify the gospel of the grace of God.

We remember that if we face opposition and questioning when sharing the Word of God; we can put our trust in the Lord, for He will guide our steps. We look to the Lord for strength to prevent distractions and persecutions that can pull us from the path we have been given. In prayer each morning; we look up to God to guide our steps, to bring us to that place he wants us to be today, and to be able to grow in the Love of Christ to those around us. Through our faith and love in the Lord we pray that we are able to touch the hearts of those we have contact with. We are not to be afraid to offer the goodness of God that He has blessed us with to others. In the Word we are told be not afraid for I am with you always. It is not of ourself that we go forth, but it is through our true Love to Christ that we show goodness and love to the world. It is a part of who we are and in this we strive to bring this to our communities. In prayer we ask God to open up opportunities that can be helpful to others; whether in individual study, in group studies, or being part of community activities. We ask ourselves what can we do for our community or churches in the name of God. We do this in true Joy for the purpose of bringing forth the Glory of the promises of Jesus. We do this in always keeping God first in all we do, all we say, all that is part of our life. We give thanks to God that we are a child of His and that through our faith and His Grace we can be Holy in our life with Him. We firmly hold His hand in all parts of life and yet sometimes we may stumble and stray. But in keeping the Lord in our hearts and holding His hand, He will lift us up in these time of struggle. We look to Him trusting that even in the shadows and obstacles and in facing the storms of life; we can still do His work for He is protecting us and giving us strength. Being strong in Faith is what we strive for and to testify to His Grace in our lives, His Love and His Peace. We look to each other to gain strength to minister to the world. We can all look to each other with ideas and opportunities to grow in Grace and Love. I ask that all of our church members can bring forth ideas to our churches or the Mission Boards on how we can help and what is important to each community and church in Godís name. If we all work together we can accomplish more than we know for God blesses us abundantly in our faith. I am grateful and excited to serve and help in the name of God.

Acts 6/4:

4 But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.

Each day take opportunity to pray on how we each can serve the ministry of the Word and grow that in our self, family, churches and communities.

Thank you again and Gods Peace and Blessing to all:

Jon Salo
Pike, MN

January - Ken Matson
February - Joel Baker
March - Ken MacLachlan
April - Mark Traffie
May - Chuck Bylkas
June - Orval Wirkkala
July - Bill Seppala
August - Don Bisila
September - Ken Matson

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